Programme FAQ

Q: Is there weeknight training? If so, what if there are certain nights when my child cannot practice?

A: In the warmer months, some sports do offer weeknight team training. Some other sports also offer optional clinics for players during the week. If you register for a sport which offers weeknight training, you may select ONE night that is not convenient and we will do our best not to assign your child to a team that practices on that night.

Q: Is it necessary to speak English?
A: English is spoken but not required. In fact, we have many children who join in order to learn english while playing sport and making new friends. 

Q: What age children may participate?
A: BSA runs programs for children aged 4 through to 16 (depending on the sport).

Q: What are the sports seasons?
A: The Brussels Sports Association provides three seasons of recreational sports
  • Soccer (3 seasons): September-June
  • Lacrosse (2 seasons): October - November and May-June
  • Basketball (1 season): December to March
  • Baseball, Softball and Teeball (1 season): April-June
Q: Can I find out more about a specific sport?
A: Follow the links below for more information on each sport.
Q: How do I register my child(ren)?
A: Go to the registration page online to register for open sports/teams

Q: Why is my credit card not being accepted?
A: Paypal is a recognized leader in secure online payments. PayPal's process for accepting credit cards is very stringent. This process is in place to prevent the use of stolen or unauthorized credit cards, but occasionally affects valid cards. If you are having trouble entering a card (such as a non-Belgian credit card) please try again with another card.

Q: When do I know I am registered?
A: If you have completed the online registration you should receive an email confirmation. In order to secure your child’s place on a team please complete payment  as soon as possible. After you press submit you will be redirected to the payment page.

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