Fall Soccer FAQ

Q: Is there practice during the week?

A: Children in the U6 league do not practice during the week. The U8 program will have one joint optional skills practice session a week.  All other leagues (U10 and U13 boys and girls) have one evening practice each week.

Q: Where are the practices held and on what nights?
A: Practices are held at the International School of Brussels (ISB) in Watermael-Boisfort. Volunteer coaches determine the time and night for practice. Your child's practice will typically begin at about 18:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening.

Q: What if there are certain nights when my child cannot practice?
A: When you register you may select ONE night (Monday - Thursday) that is not convenient for practice. We will do our best not to assign your child to a team that practices on that night. We never schedule practices on Fridays.

Q: What if my child only has one night free to practice? Should I still sign up?
A: No. We need some flexibility when assigning children to teams.

Q: When and where are the games played?
A: We try to schedule leagues for either one afternoon on the weekend. This does depend on how many players enrol (therefore, how many teams we have) and the availability of the playing fields. Games are normally scheduled at the International School of Brussels (ISB) in Boisfort or at St John's International School in Waterloo. Games are sometimes scheduled for other weekend days or times depending on field availability, but we try to keep it as consistent as possible.

Q: How are children assigned to teams?
A: There will be a skills evaluation day for children in the U8, U10 and U13 leagues. We develop balanced teams based on the results of these evaluations.  We cannot accommodate special requests for team assignments. 

Q: What equipment do they need?

A: Children should wear soccer shoes with rubber cleats (no metal) and shin guards. BSA provides game jerseys to all who register. These will be distributed in September.

Q: Where can we purchase soccer shoes and shin guards?
A: Soccer shoes and shin guards can be purchased at all major sporting goods stores in Belgium. For reasonably priced shoes we recommend Decathlon or Disport. Shin guards are widely available and can be purchased at most large retailers such as Cora, Carrefour, etc.

Q: What is the graduated registration fee system?
A: There is a discount if you register early. This fee gradually increases as the start of the season approaches. More information can be found on our website under 'Registration'.

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