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Q: Is there practice during the week?
A: There is one evening practice per week for children in our baseball and softball leagues (ages 7 and older). There are no weeknight practices for our U7 teeball league.

Q: Where are the practices held and on what nights?
A: Practices are at the International School of Brussels (ISB) and St. John's International School in Waterloo.   BSA Director will determine the time, night and location for practice.  We cannot accept special requests for practice locations because certain leagues may only practice at one location.

Q: What is Teeball and Machine Pitch?
A: In Teeball, young children hit the baseball off a "Tee" or stand rather then from a pitcher.  In machine pitch, rather then having a pitcher throw the ball, a machine throws consistent pitches for the batters to hit.

Q: What equipment should my child have?
A: Every child should have a baseball glove, although each team will have some gloves which can be used.  BSA provides baseball hats and team shirts to all players. BSA has a limited number of baseball pants that will be available for sale at the start of the season.

Q: Where can we purchase baseball/softball gloves and equipment in Belgium?
A: A good supplier is The Cage in Antwerp. For more information go to www.thecage.be.

Q: Is it necessary to stay with my child during games and practices?
A:  BSA requires a parent or guardian to be present at practices and games for all children age 8 and under. For children aged 9-12 you must accompany your child to the field to be sure that a coach is present before leaving your child.  You must also be there to pick them up following the practice or game.

Q: When do teeball practices and games take place?
A: U7  teeball will take place on Saturdays between 10:00 and 1:00 (start time may vary) at St John's International School in Waterloo or the International School of Brussels.

Q: Where and when do baseball and softball games take place?
A: The majority of our games take place at The International School of Brussels (ISB) in Watermael-Boitsfort. Our older leagues may occasionally play in other locations if they are visiting other teams.  A full schedule of games with times and locations will be sent out the teams at the start of the season. We try to schedule most games on Saturday afternoons. When the fields are not available on Saturday we will sometimes schedule games on Sunday afternoon.

Q: Why is it necessary to travel to US and NATO military facilities to play games?
A: For older children in our baseball and softball program there may be occasional games at the Brussels American School in Sterebeek. Baseball and softball teams will also occasionally play at US and NATO facilities in Belgium and the Netherlands (ages 10 and over). We are fortunate to have this opportunity to play other teams and use other facilities, since we have only limited access to school fields on weekends. Children are expected to travel to these away games; often families arrange carpools. These teams travel to Brussels, so we must travel to them in return. For games at the Brussels American School and at SHAPE, families will be asked to provide passport and vehicle information at least 7 days prior to the game.

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